Full Heart ::


*My heart is so full!*

I am so grateful and humbled by each and every one of you who read my last blog about my teens. From the bottom of my heart,

:: T H A N K Y O U ::

I am grateful for you taking the time to read the blog and respond because:

a) It honors and validates my experience—the common experience of many step parents and even parents—and all the emotions I am feeling. There's a clear space for this voice in our world today and I am glad I can be part of that voice. You reading my latest blog gives me courage to keep sharing my voice. So thank you for empowering me!

b) It was LONG and you hung in?! HAAA! Way to be! You read that whole thing. Give yourself a gold star!

c) It has generated beautiful conversations with those of you who know me personally. The encouragement and advice you have shared has blown me away. Not only that, but some of you have shared your own personal experiences as a step child or step parent, and it's given me such insight and hope. Thank you!

d) It makes me feel less alone in the fight. We parents gotta stick together. It takes a village, right?

I could go on, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts. The incomplete list above highlights only a few reasons why my heart is overflowing with gratitude for your response to that blog.

But I also want to tell you guys something: I a m o k a y. :)

I am okay!

I realize that the blog was intense. Some of my personal friends have responded with fear or protection asking, "Are you okay?" And I just wanna say, "OF COURSE I AM OKAY!" Emotions and emotional expression is so healthy. You should be concerned if you didn't write a blog like this. The dark night of the soul with my kiddos is only for the night. But what happens with the night? It recedes into the morning... and I believe there is always joy in the morning. We go through dark nights and joyful mornings in our lives. I have both moments with my teens. But as I said... I am not giving up the fight and as one person shared with me, I can feel strong in my future decision about having kids of my own because I see this parenting thing from all angles.

I am in it to win it! And I am okay! THANK YOU AGAIN for blessing me by reading. I love you all! xoxo!

p.s. stay tuned I have some other fun posts I have in the works. ;)

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Hannah's love for life stems from her service to others. Cast in God's mold, Hannah expresses this love through philanthropy, writing, music, hugging, and most of all, her family. A little over a year ago, Hannah became a step mother to four, incredible children. This came with many challenges. Instead of buckling to her fears, Hannah used them as motivation to inspire others. A vibrant light with more than a twinkle in her eye, she touches all corners of the earth with her warmth and connection. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her love enveloping. Enjoy this blog and all that this lux mundi lady has to offer!

Bio written by friend and blogger, Becky Swank.


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