Sweet Stepmama Moments ::

September 22, 2017

I'm starting a series of posts called "Sweet Stepmama Moments." Meaning I wanna share when something incredibly beautiful happens with one or more of my bonus babies; something that bowls me over and leaves me so humbled and grateful for who they are and how brave they have been to open their hearts to me. It could be something small they say or something big that they do. Either way, these posts will just be a short vignette, a small window into my world from a humble perspective. And I plan to keep these posts short and sweet! Enjoy!


Sweet Stepmama Moment #1

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, up in the guest room/office, furiously working away, when Bonus Babies two through four came home from school, just for a quick visit since they're staying with their mom right now. I hear them come in and before I know it, a pair of small hands are on my shoulders, and a little voice says, "Helloooo, how was your day?" Within a flash Bonus Baby Four has straddled the chair behind me, wrapped her arms around me, and laid her entire body on my back. "Ahhh," she cooed. "I missed you." Suddenly, Bonus Baby Two and Three are in the room too, talking loudly. My goofy boy (Bonus Baby Three) runs over to me giggly and full of  his usual glee. He starts kissing my face. And the teen? My Bonus Baby (Diva) Two, what does she do? She throws her arms around my neck, pinches my belly fat (wow, thanks...), and says, "I love you, Hanny." 


In one glorious moment, I have three out of my four Bonus Babes all over me, pouring out their love towards me. And I am just floored...


I am not their mom. :: 


But this is what I would expect (hope?) to receive if I was.


But I am not. And yet these kids love me anyway. They don't just tolerate me. They love me. 


And I know this is the silver lining to all my frustrated, humiliating moments as a step mom: their courageous love. And these are the moments to focus on when things get tough (because, trust me, they have and they will continue to. I will talk more about that soon). These kiddos do not have to love me, but they choose to love me. And I can't help but recognize the parallel that their love reflects: God will never force us to love Him, but—wow—does He long for us to choose to love Him. And like me, when He receives that unexpected gift of love, I am confident He is deeply moved. 


I am deeply moved. How incredibly blessed am I to be these kids' chosen love! That's a sweet Stepmama moment indeed! 💞




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Hannah's love for life stems from her service to others. Cast in God's mold, Hannah expresses this love through philanthropy, writing, music, hugging, and most of all, her family. A little over a year ago, Hannah became a step mother to four, incredible children. This came with many challenges. Instead of buckling to her fears, Hannah used them as motivation to inspire others. A vibrant light with more than a twinkle in her eye, she touches all corners of the earth with her warmth and connection. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her love enveloping. Enjoy this blog and all that this lux mundi lady has to offer!

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