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When Becky and I sat down to help write each other's bio—the little blurb you read on the bottom of my homepage—for our respective blogs, Becky said to me, "You have a light, Hannah. And I want to try and capture that." And then she proceeded to sing with much fervor, "This little light of mine, in gonna let it shine!" Little did she know how much she blessed me when she started to sing that song. That's my prayer every day: "Lord, let your light shine through me." And unknowingly, Becky confirmed that it does. 


That's the first and foremost thing you should know about me: I am a Christ follower. He is the true Lover of my soul and I wouldn't be who I am—or where I am—today without Him.


One of my goals for this blog is to provide a Christian perspective on blended families and being a step mom. The Christian community ain't too hot on divorce, understandably so. But it's a reality of the broken world we live in. And as such, remarriage is a reality too. Sometimes those second and third marriages are simple, one person recommitting to another. And sometimes they are more complex, such as one person committing to six new people! Either way, remarriage and blended families are a very present reality and I believe Christ has something to say about it to the world. I want to use this blog as His conduit for His heart on the matter. I pray that comes through with no condemnation or judgement, whatever you believe. But when you come to this space, know that Jesus is my background, and thus my world view. 


Second to my identity in Christ, I am a wife! And a step mother, a daughter, a sibling, a friend, a hugger, and just a total nut! I think you will pick up on all these elements throughout this blog. I do my best to honest, raw, and real, as I believe its the best way to go through life. 

Beyond all that, the goals for my belong are simple: 

  1. To get out my own thoughts on being a step mom and having a cathartic space to convey my feelings on the matter.

  2. To encourage other step moms, to normalize their experience, and to reappropriate the word "step mother." It's time to take it back from modern culture, which has made us the bad guy for far too long.

  3. To prep content for my book, which will be a Christian perspective on the blended family and step mothering, which sadly I feel is lacking. 


Is there something you want me to talk about that you haven't heard yet? Have I encouraged you in any way? I would love to know. Contact me, please: letsconnect@fromonetosix.com

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Wedding rings
Picture of bridge and groom
Blended family: picture of all of us
Hannah and Glenn at Mt. Vernon
Wedding day pic at Skamania Lodge

Hannah's love for life stems from her service to others. Cast in God's mold, Hannah expresses this love through philanthropy, writing, music, hugging, and most of all, her family. A little over a year ago, Hannah became a step mother to four, incredible children. This came with many challenges. Instead of buckling to her fears, Hannah used them as motivation to inspire others. A vibrant light with more than a twinkle in her eye, she touches all corners of the earth with her warmth and connection. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her love enveloping. Enjoy this blog and all that this lux mundi lady has to offer!

Bio written by friend and blogger, Becky Swank.


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